Isa Ozy

Isa Ozy is a Melodic Techno Music Dj currently based in Barcelona. Her passion started 7 years ago, when she started playing with vinyls in Sicily, she was in fact born in Palermo into a very musically oriented family – her father is a violinist and her brother a pianist – and from a very young age she made music her way of life tough the love for techno music came later.

After playing in many famous clubs in Palermo, like: Fabric Club House, Unlocked Palermo, I Candelai, Paradigma Club, Gatto Nero and Sonar Palermo with other djs at the same events being: Alli Borem, Bimas, Giorgia Angiuli, Alex Piccini (by Digital Traffik) she decided to take her life and music to bigger panorama of Barcelona.

She also played in events in Milan, in the Alps at the Jäger Dome Electronica Wintertour 2012 ( sponsored by Jägermeister), in Sardinia at From Ibiza With Love (where she using the name Dj Elle) and was recently in Barcelona at the Macarena Club and The Club M7 for a special event.

But most exciting is her current project! She is in fact working at the production of her first EP, mixing and discovering new sounds as a first time music producer.

The EP is bound to be a hit in the style of Melodic Techno, the perfect fusion of House Music and Techno Music. Hope you shall enjoy it!!!


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