Laela Muriel

Amsterdam-born DJ/producer Laela Muriel gets her artistic inspiration from her upbringing where her parents exposed her to the art and music world at a young age. Whether she realized it or not at the time, this was a big influence on her future music career.

Laela began her career in modeling in 2012, where she traveled around the world whilst being based in New York City and Paris. After a successful 5 years in this industry, she decided to move to London to steer her career in a different direction and enter the music industry. Her DJ career quickly took off where she soon became a resident at The Cuckoo Club London.

She played alongside respected artists and in iconic venues such as Ministry of Sound & The Egg.

In only her first year, Laela played in over 20 different venues in 7 different countries, establishing a name for herself in the scene. Some of her noteworthy gigs were at Amsterdam Dance Event, Art Basel Miami, Monochrome Moscow & Cannes Film Festival.

Her ambition to grow and continue to evolve her sound combined with her love for music and adaptability of a chameleon, are the key ingredients needed to catapult her into becoming the next big thing.


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